Manual Assignment

Manual Assignment

Once tasks are created, you must assign them to an entity for further management or completion.

You may either set a task's container for basic assignment functionality (append-only, described below), or interact with the target entity's container directly for advanced assignment functionality. If you omit the container property, the task will be automatically assigned to the creator organization and appear as unassigned in the dashboard. To assign a task to an executing connected organization, use executor instead.

The task container property has the following object structure:

typestringThe type of the container to which the task is to be assigned. The possible values are TEAM or WORKER, they must be CAPITALIZED
teamstringIf type is TEAM, the ID of the target team.
workerstringIf type is WORKER, the ID of the target worker.

You may provide a container property when creating or updating a task to append the task to that container.

Since tasks are always in exactly one container until deleted or started, if container is missing, tasks are assigned to their creator organization. In the dashboard, tasks assigned to one's organization are shown as Unassigned.

Manual assignment will always put the tasks at the last position of the worker’s container. To perform advanced assignment operations, such as assigning more than a single task simultaneously or inserting tasks at a certain index, check out our Containers section.

    "container": {
        "type": "TEAM",
        "team": "K3FXFtJj2FtaO2~H60evRrDc"
    "container": {
        "type": "WORKER",
        "worker": "m~ooPjqzofSGulgzKk6VN4ps"

For completed tasks, the worker property denotes the worker who completed the task.


Deprecation notice

For tasks that have not been marked as completed, the property worker references the worker that the task is assigned to. Tasks which are assigned to a container other than a WORKER container (for example, TEAM or ORGANIZATION) have a worker property of null.

This property will be completely removed from non-completed tasks in favor of container in future versions of the API.