Here's a summary of the various entities that you can interact with.


Organizations represent the top-most entity on Onfleet. Administrators, teams, workers and tasks all belong to an organization. Further, organizations may be linked to other organizations so that tasks can be assigned across organizational boundaries through the Connections feature.


Administrators are users who perform actions via the dashboard. An organization has one administrator of type super and zero or more of type standard (also known as dispatchers in the dashboard). Administrators manage workers based on membership in the organization’s teams.


Workers (also known as drivers in the dashboard) are the members of an organization who perform actions via the Onfleet mobile applications. They may belong to teams managed by any number of administrators in their own organization. Workers have a vehicle with which tasks are completed.


A hub is a depot for a team: the location from where all deliveries start for the team's workers, for the purposes of route optimization only; teams can have zero or one hubs.


Teams are named entities that bring together administrators and workers belonging to the same organization. Teams have hubs from where its workers may start and end their shifts.


Destinations represent the location details for tasks, including exact coordinate and address information.


A recipient is an organization’s customer and a target for a task, that is, whom the task is being delivered to.


Tasks represent units of work, defined by one destination and one recipient, that administrators create and assign to workers for completion.


Containers are an abstraction which describes task assignment.

A container is an ordered list of tasks. Tasks always belong to exactly one container -- once created and when reassigned. When a task is started by a worker, it is no longer part of that container's tasks.

Organizations, teams and workers all correspond to containers as they can all be assigned tasks.


Webhooks make it possible for your application to be notified of important system events, as soon as these take place within Onfleet.