Complete task

Complete task

Active tasks can be force completed. A completionDetails property must be provided in the body of your request, with the following structure.

completionDetailsobjectThis object let you specify the status of the task and make notes on the completion.

The available fields within the completionDetails parameter are defined in the below table.

successbooleanWhether the task's completion was successful.
notesstringOptional. Any completion notes for the task.
curl -X POST "" \
     -u "c64f80ba83d7cfce8ae74f51e263ce93:" \
     -d '{"completionDetails":{"success":true}}'
onfleet.tasks.forceComplete(id="uO2vKr07h6zg7Fzf~2NC3KLg", body={"completionDetails":{"success":True}})
onfleet.tasks.forceComplete("uO2vKr07h6zg7Fzf~2NC3KLg", {"completionDetails":{"success":true}});
HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Completed tasks cannot be updated in any way