Get single task by shortId

Get single task by shortId

Retrieve a task's details by its shortId.

curl -X GET "" \
       -u "cd3b3de84cc1ee040bf06512d233719c:"
onfleet.tasks.get("e5f0cc28", "shortId");
$onfleet->tasks->get("e5f0cc28", "shortId");
  "id": "Eyi36gfoJMdAMyK3QiC3iFLq",
  "timeCreated": 1455152029000,
  "timeLastModified": 1455153428203,
  "organization": "yAM*fDkztrT3gUcz9mNDgNOL",
  "shortId": "e5f0cc28",
  "trackingURL": "",
  "worker": null,
  "merchant": "yAM*fDkztrT3gUcz9mNDgNOL",
  "executor": "cBrUjKvQQgdRp~s1qvQNLpK*",
  "creator": "EJmsbJgHiRLPjNVE7GEIPs7*",
  "dependencies": [],
  "state": 0,
  "completeAfter": 1455151071727,
  "completeBefore": null,
  "pickupTask": true,
  "notes": "Order 332: 24oz Stumptown Finca El Puente, 10 x Aji de Gallina Empanadas, 13-inch Lelenitas Tres Leches",
  "completionDetails": {
    "events": [],
    "time": null
  "feedback": [],
  "metadata": [],
  "overrides": {
    "recipientSkipSMSNotifications": null,
    "recipientNotes": null,
    "recipientName": null
  "container": {
    "type": "ORGANIZATION",
    "organization": "cBrUjKvQQgdRp~s1qvQNLpK*"
  "recipients": [],
  "destination": {
    "id": "d~jvinosyxbjVo5yt3wY8lJl",
    "timeCreated": 1455152029000,
    "timeLastModified": 1455153428197,
    "location": [
    "address": {
      "apartment": "",
      "state": "California",
      "postalCode": "94123",
      "country": "United States",
      "city": "San Francisco",
      "street": "Vallejo Street",
      "number": "2829"
    "notes": "Small green door by garage door has pin pad, enter *4821*",
    "metadata": []
  "code": "InvalidCredentials",
  "message": {
    "error": 1103,
    "message": "The resource requested is outside of the authenticated user's permissions scope.",
    "request": "d823bad3-2296-4d8f-91f4-518b96f54139"

When attempting to access a task shortId endpoint that does not belong to your organization, an error message will be thrown stating that the request is outside of your permission scope.


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